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Thank you Ohno okaasan for bringing Satoshi to this world.

Ohno Satoshi - An An

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Ohno Satoshi

Aaaaah Naruse is back!!

Reasons Why I ♥ Satoshi Ohno

He is the other half my Ohmiya.
His humility
His smile
His scrunched up nose when he laughs
His weird taste in things
How calming his presence is
His voice
His hips
The way he dances
His outlook in life
His laugh
His eyes
The way his eyes sparkle when he laughs
His drawing skills
His dorkiness
He is fearless
His kindness
How he looks so good with Sho, Jun, Aiba and Nino
He's just a manwhore and I love it.

Ohmiya is LOVE


Why God, why?


Meme - Arashi